Product Launch Emails

Task: Inform travelers of the company’s new tour offerings. Project: Create online itineraries and accompanying emails to announce the new tours. My role: Research tour inclusions and write customer-facing copy for the itineraries featured on the company’s website Analyze brief to craft copy that achieves the goals laid out by the stakeholders Write copy and collaborate with a designer and stakeholders to create the emails … Continue reading Product Launch Emails

Promotional Emails

Task: Drive traveler bookings to a specific month. Project: Create monthly emails that encourage Group Coordinators to recruit new travelers for their upcoming tour or set up their next trip. My role: Analyze brief to craft copy that achieves the goals laid out by the stakeholders Write copy for emails Collaborate with designer and marketing stakeholders Create accompanying social assets Continue reading Promotional Emails

Guide to Private & Tailor-made Tours

Task: Inform customers of our Private & Tailor-made Tour portfolio. Project: Create a 16-page print piece that highlights the benefits and process of traveling on a Private or Tailor-made Tour. My role: Write the copy for the print piece Interview travelers Research the Private & Tailor-made Tour portfolio Collaborate with a designer throughout the process Create a mood board and wireframe to pitch concept to … Continue reading Guide to Private & Tailor-made Tours

Customer Mailing Cookbook

Task: Create a new customer mailing piece that first-time travelers will receive when they sign up for a tour. Project: Write and design a cookbook that highlights the important role food plays in a country’s culture—a thread that runs through the company’s 175+ tours. This custom gift sets the brand apart from competitors and is a piece customers can revisit once they return from tour. … Continue reading Customer Mailing Cookbook