The Layers of New Orleans

I reach the outskirts of the French Quarter as I walk off of Bourbon Street. The angular grid system of the quarter opens out onto the business district. I cross Canal Street and simultaneously exit downtown and enter uptown. I’m now standing on Carondelet Street looking across the two-way intersection at where I just was, and await the transportation to take me where I’m going. … Continue reading The Layers of New Orleans

Parisian Storybook

The book begins with the acknowledgements; an homage to those who influenced the production and experience. To the audible murmurs of eavesdropping strangers who said, “Everyone in Paris is rude.” To trusted family members who informed me that, “I’ve never heard anything good about Paris. All I know is that the city is dirty and everyone smokes.” And lastly, to my close friends who said, … Continue reading Parisian Storybook

The Barcelona Balance

Nestled along the pebbly coastline of the Balearic Sea, is a city often overshadowed by touristic tendencies and common popularity. Barcelona basks in the sunlight while the city’s lesser known attractions wait to be discovered by European travelers both old and new. The metropolitan radiance of diamond shaped pedestrian walking paths alongside paved roadways, keeps the city fresh and young in a continent often defined … Continue reading The Barcelona Balance