Fairly, Lovely Verona

Amidst week three of classes, enjoying the almost 60 degree weather and bright blue skies (apologies in advance to all my friends buried in the New England snow), and packing to visit my parents in Rome this weekend, I’ve finally found some time recap my trip to Verona this past weekend. Verona, for those who don’t know, is the setting of William Shakespeare’s play Romeo … Continue reading Fairly, Lovely Verona


Blue lagoon water filled with gondoliers rowing their passengers through winding island canal ways is both the picture perfect and realistic representation of Venice, Italy. After waking up at 7 AM, Melissa, and I along with our friends Anna, Francesca, Grace and Hollie boarded a bus for our three and a half hour long ride to Venice. We passed through the northern region of Italy, … Continue reading LOVEnice