Chasing Sunshine in Santorini

The ferry we took to the final destination of spring break happened to be the most enjoyable of the whole trip. As horrible as it was waking up at 5:15, once I was awake I quite enjoyed being on the water throughout the morning, even though I did take a quick nap on the ferry. Continue reading Chasing Sunshine in Santorini

Young and Fabulous in the French Riviera

My alarm sounded off at the ripe time of 4 AM, but I surprisingly wasn’t tired, even though I had stayed up packing until 12:30. It’s hard to feel unexcited when you’re traveling to one of the most beautiful, and arguably richest, areas of the world. I put on a blue dress, because you have to look somewhat appropriate when hanging out with the wealthiest … Continue reading Young and Fabulous in the French Riviera