You Only Dublin Once…Or Twice

My last day in Ireland was bittersweet to say the least. In the morning, we took a train from Cork, back to Dublin, as we would be flying out of Dublin the next morning. The train ride was like any other, uneventful, long and full of us college kids snoozing away. Once we arrived in Dublin, it was cloudy and dark, but since the forecast … Continue reading You Only Dublin Once…Or Twice

The Art of Cultural Tourist-ry

I’m beginning to believe that everyone who said it rains in Ireland was lying to me all along, well maybe not, since today was the most beautiful day thus far as it was 60, sunny, sundress weather.  Luckily, we spent a lot of the day outside and we started by touring the Gaelic Athletic Association museum and grounds.  I wasn’t that excited to go to … Continue reading The Art of Cultural Tourist-ry