The Fitbit Phenomenon

As the clock turns to 3 o’clock, Mariel Porfido, Brian Apfel, and Amanda Greco all look down at their inconspicuously placed Fitbits to gauge their daily progress towards 10,000 steps. A college student, an admissions counselor, and an athletic trainer, respectively, are all at different points in their lives. They all joined in on the fitness trend for various personal reasons, but the end goal … Continue reading The Fitbit Phenomenon

The Marist Political Bubble

“Does anyone have ideas for the Marist Media Hub,” group moderator Jenna Kunze said with a weary confidence. After a few moments, names such as Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Hilary Clinton were being verbally tossed about in the makeshift meeting room, which seemed to be better fit for a group of digital media students. Computers flanked the sides of the rooms as chairs and … Continue reading The Marist Political Bubble