Parisian Storybook

The book begins with the acknowledgements; an homage to those who influenced the production and experience. To the audible murmurs of eavesdropping strangers who said, “Everyone in Paris is rude.” To trusted family members who informed me that, “I’ve never heard anything good about Paris. All I know is that the city is dirty and everyone smokes.” And lastly, to my close friends who said, … Continue reading Parisian Storybook

Music Review: 1989-One Year Later

During the fall of 2014 the leaves in New York City were changing, and so was Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift released “Welcome to New York” five days before my 20th birthday and almost two months after I had moved to New York City. I had a physical copy of the Target Deluxe Version of “1989” on preorder and eagerly awaited the release of her new … Continue reading Music Review: 1989-One Year Later

Eating Disorders in College

Over the summer of 2013, Jenna Brown* would sit in her small purple bedroom in Connecticut, open her laptop, and spend two hours a day looking at and saving recipes on Pinterest, not completely realizing how obsessive her habits had become. In January of 2014, Brown, a now senior at Marist College, began to develop an eating disorder that would affect the future of her … Continue reading Eating Disorders in College

Visual Arts Review: The David

When you study abroad, you have the opportunity to visit a plethora of churches and museums that are filled with priceless works of art. Some house extremely average works of art and some are lucky enough to be home to some of the world’s most famous pieces. Albeit after four months it can get old, but some pieces do stick with you, for better or … Continue reading Visual Arts Review: The David