The Barcelona Balance

Nestled along the pebbly coastline of the Balearic Sea, is a city often overshadowed by touristic tendencies and common popularity. Barcelona basks in the sunlight while the city’s lesser known attractions wait to be discovered by European travelers both old and new. The metropolitan radiance of diamond shaped pedestrian walking paths alongside paved roadways, keeps the city fresh and young in a continent often defined … Continue reading The Barcelona Balance

55 Times I Lived and Learned Throughout Europe

Study abroad is a hard concept to define. It’s a personal journey of growth and a magical 4 months, but being truly immersed in another culture teaches you more than any textbook, museum or travel guide ever could. I had my fair share of trial and error while traveling in Italy and throughout the rest of Europe. Most of the time, it resulted in a … Continue reading 55 Times I Lived and Learned Throughout Europe