Pillow Pets Branding Ad-Final

Branding Ad-Self Evaluation

            The tools I used to create my pillow pet branding ad included audio levels, cropping, the razor tool, slow motion, cross fade, still images and vignettes.  I used and adjusted the audio levels for my script as well as the music, through the yellow audio line in the video clips.  The audio of the script was originally too high so I lowered it and then when I imported my music I made sure it was low enough to still be able to hear the script.  I used the video-cropping tool, mark in and out, in order to cut down the empty space at the beginning and end of clips so that the footage was in synch with the script.  I used the razor tool during the slow motion section.  The razor tool allowed me to create a gap in the video where I could apply the slow motion.  I used the speed and duration tool and lowered the speed to make the pillow pet look as if it was falling from the sky in slow motion.  I used a cross fade, or fade in and out in between each shot of footage.  I applied this because I like that it created a nice, smooth and dreamy transition between each of the cuts.  I used the pillow pets still image logo to make sure that my audience knew what my ad was for.  Branding ads are supposed to be a little mysterious, but also make sure that they are representing the product even though it may be in an obscure way so I used the logo to make this clear.  Lastly I created a vignette using the circle tool.  I created a transparent video above my ad and under the motion effects added a circle, I then adjusted the width and radius to make it look like a vignette, inverted it and set the color to black.

One of the challenges I faced was actually filming the footage.  I spent a few hours shooting it because I had to do each shot multiple times.  I felt that when I was shooting it the footage didn’t look unsteady or noisy, but then when I uploaded it to my computer, I felt that it looked shaky and so I would then have to go back and re-shoot it.  This was partly because I’ve never shot anything before and partly because it took me a while to realize how to adjust the tripod.  I solved this problem through guess and check and just re-shot the scenes until I was happy.  Once I finished shooting the footage and was happy with the quality of it, editing the video was actually pretty fun and painless.

The two things I’m particularly proud of are the cross-fades and the vignette effects.  I knew I wanted to do cross-fades from the start and once I added them in, I immediately loved how they looked.  I had a lot of fun adjusting the video to match the fade ins and outs and I’m very happy with how it turned out and I feel like it adds a sense of dimensionality to my video.  The second thing I’m proud of is the vignette.  I was a little intimidated at first at trying to figure out how to do it, but through tutorials it was actually fun and it added personality to the video that I feel complemented the cross fades.

One thing I wish I could have done differently was added a voice over.  Although the quality of audio is pretty good in my video, I think it would have been interesting to see how the voiceover would have changed my video and possibly added to it.

*GRADING:  Please grade me and my partners videos separately. *


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