Subversive Ad

Parody Ad FINAL

Subversive Ad Self-Evaluation

            To complete this project I used tools in both Photoshop and Illustrator.  In Photoshop I used quick selection, hue and saturation, the effect inner shadow and the effect satin.  In Illustrator I used the line segment tool, arc tool, zigzag effect, the ellipse tool, the rectangle tool, rounded rectangle tool, stroke and stroke shape, color and text.  I also imported .jpgs of the dollar bills and the American flag background.

In Photoshop I used quick selection to select the man that is dancing and refine edge to smooth the edges a little bit and then used hue and saturation to make him into a silhouette.  After using refine edge, the edges looked like they had a little but of a halo so I used the effects inner shadow and satin to minimize that.

In Illustrator I used the line segment tool to make the top half of the headphones and the arc tool to make the lower half of the headphones.  For both parts of the headphones I used the zigzag tool to make them look like they were squiggly and in motion along with the man.  I used the rounded rectangle tool to make the iPod and the screen of the iPod and the ellipse tool to make the dial on the iPod.  I also used the ellipse tool to make the ear buds of the headphones and the rectangle tool to make the connector to the two parts of the headphones and headphone jack.  I also used the colors white, gray and black to color the iPod, headphones and logo.

In order to make the apple logo in Illustrator, I used an ellipse and then used the handles in order to make the indents on the apple.  To make the leaf I used the rectangle tool and then made the stroke higher and used the stroke shape to make it curved like a leaf.  I then used the ellipse tool and made the circle white and placed it over the apple to make it look like there is a chunk missing.  I used the text tool in Illustrator to type to iPod part of the logo as well as the slogan.

The most challenging part of the project for me was either making the headphones or adding in the iPod and money.  Making the headphones was difficult because I wanted them to look realistic, but since I made it in two parts making it was a little hard trying to make them look cohesive and resizing them to complement each other.  Even though the iPod was easy to make and I imported a .jpg of the dollar bills, it was extremely hard sizing them and placing them to look like the man was holding them.  I fixed both of these problems by just playing around with Photoshop and resizing them and moving them until I was happy with the cohesion of the objects.

What I am most proud of is the apple in my logo.  Although I did not use any new tools, I learned to enjoy using the handles more than I did on the Illustrator project.  It was fun making the apple and using the stroke tools to make the leaf and I am very happy with how it came out and it is my favorite part of my project.

If I could change something about my project, I would alter the slogan.  Although I like how it is now, I think I could have come up with a more clever way to say it.


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