Photo Manipulation Project

Photo Manipulation Project FINAL

Photo Manipulation Self-Evaluation

For my Photoshop manipulation project, the tools I used were quick selection refine edge, drop shadow, layer masks, eraser and opacity.  I used quick selection to select the girl and used the tools within refine edge such as smooth and contrast to make her look more natural and make the edges better blend with the water.  To place her into the water, after using refine edge, I created a new layer with a layer mask with her in it.  I also used quick selection to select the area of the fishbowl where the water is and used a layer mask to have the water that you see in the fishbowl appear.  I used opacity to blend the textures of the water with the girls skin.  While the shadow of the fishbowl was part of the original picture, I used drop shadow to create the girls shadow.  I used the eraser with a low hardness level on the girl in order to clean up one of the edges that I missed while using refine edge.

Some of the challenges I faced during this project were learning how to use quick selection tool.  I was so use to using the eraser tool so it was hard learning to use a different tool.  At times I found it hard to work with as if I didn’t select an object perfectly, when using refine edge the image would have rougher edges or would have a black stroke around the picture.  To avoid this I meticulously selected the picture until it was exactly how I wanted, and a few times I had to completely reselect the image if I did not like the outcome.

I was proud of how well I cut out the girl and applied the shadow to her.  I think I blended her well and I had to use many different tools on her including quick selection and layer masks so I am proud that I was able to teach myself how to use these tools successfully and I think that it shows through the image.

If I could improve upon something in my photo manipulation project it would be that I would put the fishbowl on a shelf to make it look like it was part of a wall decorum.


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