Circle Into an Animal:  Illustrator Self-Evaluation The tools I used were the ellipse, rounded rectangle, line segment, arc, pen, color and gradient.  I used the ellipse tool to create the head, body, spots, ears, eyes and nose, and then used the direct selection tool to manipulate to anchor points to bend, morph and manipulate the ellipses to how I wanted them to look.  I used … Continue reading Illustrator-Dalmation

Photo Manipulation Project

Photo Manipulation Self-Evaluation For my Photoshop manipulation project, the tools I used were quick selection refine edge, drop shadow, layer masks, eraser and opacity.  I used quick selection to select the girl and used the tools within refine edge such as smooth and contrast to make her look more natural and make the edges better blend with the water.  To place her into the water, … Continue reading Photo Manipulation Project